James Round - Designer
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BAFTA Film Awards

2016 Film Awards

Client / BAFTA

Created at / Human After All

A concept-driven suite of printed collateral to inspire wonder for one of cinema's most important nights.

For their 2016 Film Awards, BAFTA needed a wide suite of collateral, including a brochure celebrating the nominated films, awards tickets, menus and car passes. All our work centered around the overarching concept of ‘A Window to Another World’, which we used to explore the idea that cinema doesn’t simply take place within the limits of the screen but within the limitlessness of our own imaginations. This single concept, supported by beautiful illustrations from the talented Levente Szabo, allowed every different piece of collateral to work together as a single story. 

The BAFTA's provide an unforgettable night, and we worked hard to create something that was worthy of the evening; a considered and painstakingly crafted set of printed items that would act as a suitable keepsake for those attending.

You can read the full Film Awards brochure here.


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