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Everyday Adventures Poster Campaign

Koru Kids Poster Campaign

Client / Koru Kids & JCDecaux

A poster campaign advertising a nanny service, that celebrates the everyday adventures that great childcare can provide.

I was asked to create an illustrated poster campaign for Koru Kids, a new childcare service, striving to deliver outstanding nannies across London. The brief required that the poster portray the amazing moments that children could experience with their Koru Kids nanny, and be rooted in the tagline 'Everyday Adventures'.

I created an illustration of a cut away house, each room showing a different adventure play out. Some were based in realism, such as the fun of creating art or playing music, while other took a slightly more surreal approach, speaking to the power of a child's imagination, like a book about space coming alive in front of their very eyes. I also created some custom typography to help bring the tagline to life. 

The poster was displayed both digitally and in print across bus stops throughout north London.

Find out more about Koru Kids on their website


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